Starting at the Co.

How Do I Start At The Co.

Felicity Dan General

You’ve seen our facts on Facebook. You’ve liked our photos on Instagram. Now you’re thinking you’d like to start Clinical Pilates at The Co.

So How Do You Start?

Initial Pilates Assessment

Any new client coming to The Co. undergoes an Initial Pilates Assessment. This is a one hour session with one of our Clinical Pilates Physiotherapist’s. We begin the session by discussing your injury and medical history, current exercise regime and goals that you may be working on or want to achieve, e.g. running a marathon or waking up in the morning without lower back pain.

From here, our Physio’s will have a look at your gait pattern and screen the movement in your lower back, mid back, neck and hips. This gives us a general idea of how well your body moves. We then hone in on some specific muscles around the “core”, which includes a Real Time Ultrasound assessment – yep the same machine they use to look at babies, except we use it to look at muscles.

We then get you to carry out some functional tasks – e.g squat, pushup – so again we know how well your body generally moves and if it’s developed any “interesting” movement patterns. This gives us an indication of whether a soft or hard tissue structure might be prone to injury or is affected by a previous injury.

This battery of tests forms the framework of your individualised program that you will carry out under the guidance of our Physiotherapists and allows us to:

  • target specific areas of your body, rather than giving you an exercise, just for the sake of it;
  • ensure your safety, so that we don’t prescribe an exercise that may hurt you or irritate an        already painful injury and;
  • make Clinical Pilates more fun for you – if you can see improvement in the goals you  discussed in your assessment, you will be more motivated to continue.
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Private Clinical Pilates

We suggest then carrying out 1-3 Private Clinical Pilates sessions. These are a one hour, one on one session where your Physio will take you through some of the exercises they have prescribed to you and will discuss the general principles of Pilates – breathing, posture, etc. Your Physio will advise how many of these sessions you need to attend but generally clients only need a maximum of 3.

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Clinical Pilates Beginner Mat Classes

The other option is to attend our Clinical Pilates Beginner mat classes. These are a one hour session with a maximum of 8 clients, again carried out under the guidance of a Physio. Our Beginner classes run on an 8 week schedule, so by the time you’ve completed 8 sessions you will have gone through our full syllabus and will be very comfortable with how your body is moving and what it’s “supposed to do” in a Pilates class.

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Clinical Pilates Equipment

Our Clinical Pilates Equipment classes have a maximum of 4 clients to a session and again are always guided by a Physiotherapist. Even though there are 4 clients in a class, each client will be carrying out their own individual exercises, determined by the Physio and guided by their Initial Assessment. These are one hour classes and you can attend as many sessions a week as you desire, however most of our clients attend 1-3 sessions a week.

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So Why The Co.

We are the only Physiotherapy practice in Newcastle that opens at 6am and one of the only ones to close at 7.30pm – so we have appointment times for EVERYONE.

Because all of our services are done by Physiotherapists, you can claim a rebate from your private health insurer no matter what class you partake in. In addition, we offer 10 class passes or loyalty packages, which make our prices more affordable. NB: how much you get back is dependant on your health insurer.

What we do is based in scientific evidence, we don’t make it up or pluck it out of thin air – we couldn’t call ourselves Physio’s if we didn’t follow the evidence scientific studies have provided us.